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3 years ago

Update: Flexible dashboard layout – Export of ExD entities to CSV file

Flexible dashboard layout

The dashboard layout is not limited by columns anymore. You can create a dashboard with your own layout, as  it can now have a different combination of columns and rows:

To change a position of a widget, drag-n-drop its header to the desired place. There are two types of placeholders that appear while dragging a widget:

  • if the short one is displayed, then a widget will be added to the same column or row;
  • if a full-height or a full-width placeholder is displayed, then a new column or row will be added.

A dashboard in Targetprocess provides a brief overview of the current state of progress at various levels. A new flexible solution adds more options that are needed for organizing the visual information.

Added support for Extended Data Model (ExD) entities in export view to CSV file

Now you can export any list to CSV file no matter what entities, native or ExD, are selected as cards or units, - export of views works consistently for all types of entities.

The 'Export to CSV' option can be found under the 'Actions' menu of any view.

List views are exported 'as is'. The set of columns in the exported CSV file matches the customized set of columns in the list view.

Use “Me” in filters

Now you can use Me as a parameter in filters not only in connection to Assigned User or Owner, but with properties related to User entity (except collections):

  • You can filter out items having no assigned users in role that is equal to logged in user's role:
    ?Assignments.Count(Role is Me.Role) == 0
  • Or you can search for people from the same location as logged in user (Location may be created as a custom field):
    ?Location is Me.Location

Notifications about mentions in ExD items in the notifications feed

Now you can observe mention notifications for Extended Data Model entities (ExD) directly in Targetprocess:

Reset Projects and Teams to default

Now it's easier to set Project and Teams context filters values to default ones set by the view owner. Just click the 'Revert to default' option. You can also observe the number of values selected as default on the corresponding buttons under the view setup. So it's more clear now how many projects and teams are applied to a view:

Program board improvements

Team Iterations and Program Increments having the same dates are now collapsed into a single lane when selected with Agile Release Train as the second lane. Thus, users can see the dependencies between ARTs across different Program Increments or Team Iterations in a more convenient way.

Removal of outdated Reports

Reports based on an outdated engine with a lack of flexibility (including Relations Network, Cycle Time Distribution, Process Control, Cumulative Flow charts) are no longer accessible via the top navigation menu. "Old tabular" reports and "old Burn Down charts" will be still shown there, as you still use them broadly.

Use Board and Roadmap views with Show Relations functionality instead of an outdated Relations Network chart.

Create Cumulative Flow, Cycle Time Distribution charts as visual reports using + Create > Report item in the left navigation menu.

Configuring the Assignments Control

You can now change the default look and behavior of the 'Assignments' control in entity Detailed views. In particular, you can hide certain Roles, group and reorder Roles in an arbitrary way, and filter the lists of Users available for assignment.

The changes can be done in the Detailed view layout editor with the help of new properties of the 'assignmentsList' component. For more details, please refer to the guide.

Making Collapsible sections collapsed or expanded by default

In entity Detailed views, you can now define the behavior of Collapsible sections in respect of being collapsed or expanded at every opening of the page. This is controlled by the new "defaultState" property. It suggests 3 options for a Collapsible’s state upon page refresh: 1) always collapsed; 2) always expanded; 3) being in the state in which the User left it before the refresh. For more details, please refer to the corresponding guide section.

Minor Improvements

  1. Roadmap view: Rename the 'Backlog' column into 'Unplanned'

Bug Fixes

  1. In Detailed views, the “Edit description” button now doesn’t disappear after scrolling the page.
  2. In the “Customize Cards” tab of a view setup, drag’n’drop of the Units from the rightmost column is now visually correct.
  3. In Board views, the Quick Add button on lanes now doesn’t disappear or break while scrolling.
  4. In Detailed views, the “Show more” dropdown in the tab headers row now doesn’t start twitching infinitely on certain screen widths.
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