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5 years ago

Update: Milestone entity. Custom Progress and Planned Dates calculations

Milestone entity

Now a Milestone can be assigned to all your work: Portfolio Epics, Epics, Features etc. Set a Milestone for a work item on its detailed view or from the Milestone detailed view.

Create Milestones via 'Quick Add' form:

or from the Milestones list in a Project view:

Milestones can be linked to multiple Projects. At least one parent Project for a Milestone is required.

Customize Progress calculations

We have added the ability to Customize Progress per entity with Custom Formula Metrics. Administrators of your Targetprocess account can set sophisticated rules for Progress Percentage calculation. It can be based on workflow states, custom fields, total count or effort of inner items.

Targetprocess Image

Find more details in the dedicated blog post.

Customize Planned Dates calculations

It's also possible to customize the Planned Start/End Date per entity with Custom Formula Metrics. For instance:

  • Inherit Planned Dates from children to parents.
  • Calculate the Planned End Date based on the Initial Estimate or Effort.

Targetprocess Image

Learn how to set up the customization: Customize Progress and Planned Dates with metrics.

Targetprocess Integrations with DevOps tools is live

We have recently released Targetprocess integration with GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, and Phabricator, which has simplified the work for many of you. Follow the link to our Guide to learn more about it.

Watch the recording of our webinar “How to Define the Right DevOps Metrics” we hosted together with Icon Agility Services to learn how to define and collect the right metrics to see a full picture of your value streams, including DevOps.

If you are already actively using these integrations and have some feedback to share, we are happy to hear from you so we can continue improving. You can send it to tp-feedback@apptio.com or come to our Public Slack and join the #devops-integration channel where we can also answer your questions.

Visual reports: Velocity Forecast Line

We have added the ability to include a Forecast Line based on Velocity. It helps your team to understand when a particular amount of work will be done.

VELOCITY_FORECAST(start point, goal value, velocity per day)

For example, if you have a Burn Up chart over your current Team Iteration, making a forecast based on Team Velocity requires an annotation like this:

LAST([Effort Completed]),
LAST([Effort To Do]),


LAST([Effort Completed]) - point which annotation should start from

LAST([Effort To Do]) - goal value to be achieved in the forecast

5 - average daily team velocity

You can add a forecast based on MIN and MAX Velocity in the same way.

Improvements in Search

Multi-word search now uses the AND model by default. It offers a better match when looking for phrases. When you enter a phrase with multiple words, you'll find only entities having all words together in the text fields and comments.

Search filter by entity type has been recently improved by putting the most frequently used types on top. Thus it requires less scrolling and clicks.

Descriptions for Custom Fields

We have added an optional field called Description to the Custom Field settings:

Now Administrators can add additional information that will appear as a hint next to the custom field name on an entity detailed view:

Minor improvements

Email notifications: The notify Project members option is now hidden when you add comments to entities. This change is expected to reduce irrelevant email notifications. You can still easily notify the entity owner, assigned users, or @mention all members of the team involved in collaboration on the entity.

Import capabilities have been extended. Product Owners and Product Managers can now import Features, Epics, and Portfolio Epics from CSV-formatted files with personal assignments.

Testing module: we've added the ability to see the Test Plan Run Name in Runs inner list of the Test Cases detail view to increase visibility within the QA area.

Fixed bugs

  • Entity detailed view now stays open when clicking Esc button in attachments viewer.
  • Visual Reports: Fixed report name in popup on dashboard.
  • Irrelevant Tags are no longer added to the item when you delete all tags from it.
  • 'Reply Email' can be reset for a Project.
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