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4 years ago

Update: Export Roadmap view to PDF file – ‘Can prioritize’ permission – Quick Add form customization

Export Roadmap view to PDF file

Now you can create a printed copy of your Roadmap with all cards. If you need to change the scale of the timeframe, simply grab the left or right edge of the highlighted box in the time navigator at the bottom of the screen and move it to the left or to the right. Then click the "Export to PDF" button in the menu on the Roadmap view:

The Exported Roadmap will display all the data as it is displayed in Targetprocess, except backlog and time navigator.

“Can prioritize” permission

A Targetprocess Administrator can now define roles that can prioritize work at all levels.

"Can prioritize" permission is added by default to all roles. If you want to disable the ability to prioritize work on a view for a specific role, navigate to Settings → Roles menu, start editing a role and uncheck the "Can prioritize" option:

Quick Add form customization

Administrators can now customize which fields to display in the Quick Add form, depending on whether they're required or not:

List of fields available for customization:

  • Entities, such as a Release for Bugs
  • Drop-down lists, such as Severity, Business Value for Bugs
  • Number fields, such as Capacity for Iteration
  • Date fields, such as Planned End date for a Feature

Hide empty lanes in Lists

You can now see the Hide empty lanes button for the List view. It works pretty much the same as in the Board views and will hide empty lanes when:

  • only one lane is selected
  • both lanes are selected, but there's only one direct relation between the levels

Current limitation: When an item from the second level appears more than once under an item from the first level, then hide empty lanes won't hide these lanes.

Quick filters: Use advanced parameters instead of values

In previous versions, values in quick filters could only be selected one-by-one or filled in manually. In the latest version, you can use a DSL filter to produce the values for the quick filter based on specific criteria. For example, you may want to only show Epics related to the current release:

Search: Show results with an exact match when using quotation marks

Now you can search a word or a phrase using quotation marks ". The system will only show results with an exact match, excluding matches where words are in a slightly different form.

Customizable detailed view: Define which tab should be opened by default

Now a Targetprocess Administrator can define which tab should be opened by default when users open entity detailed view. E.g., we can set the "Tasks" tab to be opened every time a user opens the User Story detailed view. It can be done by adding the additional property "selected" to the JSON configuration in Settings → Detailed Views. Please use this guide for instructions.

Minor improvements

  • Visual filters are now available for Extendable Data Model (ExD) items and fields
  • Columns and lanes with the same names for items of different ExD types will be merged on boards
  • Ability to import ExD items from CSV files
  • Option "None" added into visual filters for Assigned User
  • Quick filters: use Ctrl/Cmd+click to select multiple options one by one
  • Quick filters are now organized by creation date
  • You can now search Teams in the Portfolio Assignments section
  • You can now assign multiple Teams to Requests when team-specific Workflows are not defined
  • You can now edit Effort on a Split entity form
  • New "All relations" unit shows a number of relations in all statuses on a card

Bug fixes

  • Fixed incorrectly generated URL in the notification message for a newly invited user with SSO enabled
  • Fixed inability to create a Miro Board
  • Fixed no data message when adding a filter on axis or change context on a View with paging not on main screen
  • Fixed the order of values in Quick filters
  • Fixed error when applying a filter for Outbound relations
  • Quick filter by ExD entities now works properly when empty lanes are hidden
  • Filters in Visual Reports now suggest all possible values instead of the first 1oo only
  • Fixed issues with entity custom field usage in API v2
  • Fixed collapsing of a row on a Roadmap view
  • Fixed full screen mode for Description field on an entity detailed view
  • Term is not applied anymore for Project Manager role
  • `&filter=` parameter is now provided into `next:`, `prev:` links in API v2 responses
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