Update: Search for ExD entities, Batch actions panel improvements, Convert more types of items, Editable custom units in list views | Targetprocess - Enterprise Agility Solution
4 years ago

Update: Search for ExD entities, Batch actions panel improvements, Convert more types of items, Editable custom units in list views

In this release we have improvements for the items created via our Solutions. Such as OKRs, Retrospectives, Iteration goals and other entities. We call them Extendable Domain(ExD) items. They are not available in system by default but may be created after installing specific Solutions.

Search: Extendable Domain entities

Extendable domain entities are now available for search.

Batch Actions panel: Assign a person under any workflow role

Roles not associated with a workflow state now appear in the Batch Assignments panel. Assign a person with a specific role to multiple entities at once via the batch actions panel.

Convert Extendable Domain entities

Now you can convert extendable domain entities into other ExD entities, native ones, and vice versa.

If you created an Iteration goal by mistake, while trying to create an Epic, you can convert it to an Epic using the 'Convert to...' menu item.

When you convert global non-project items into entities assigned to a Project, then you need to select the Project before an entity can be converted. Properties having equal names and values will be synchronized between items:

Batch actions panel: assign a person with Direct Access

Now you can assign a person with Direct Access to an entity a specific role relating to the entity, both via the entity detailed view and batch actions panel.

Custom unit mashup: Editable custom units in list views

Now custom units created via mashups are editable in the list view. We support date, custom field, and entity state selectors.

Audit History: Epic

Epic entity is now available for selection in Settings > Diagnostic and Logs > Audit History.

Minor improvements

  • A person will not get an email notification for changes they have made;
  • Quick add form: mark required fields with '*';
  • Team Iteration option is suggested for User Stories, Bugs, Tasks in “Visual filters” wizard;
  • Added a system option to not reopen parent entities when inner items are added or reopened. It should prevent multiple visualization issues on Roadmaps, as automatically reopened items were turned into narrow bars. The default behavior for existing customers remains "reopen". Admins of existing Targetprocess accounts are welcome to request activation of the fix from our helpful Support Team;
  • Entities controlled by disabled practices are now hidden from Terms settings;
  • Milestone is added to ExD entities view;
  • Performance improvements;
  • HTTP/2 is enabled now: Targetprocess is quicker in general and the opening of an entity detailed view becomes especially faster.

Bug fixes

  • Tags merge in Settings > Tags now works correctly;
  • 'Test Plans from related user stories and bugs' option is now available in the 'Create a related test plan' form of the Tests tab;
  • Quick filter: symbols from search are not deleted after selecting value with 'focus' icon;
  • Moving a Feature to another team, on board with Features and Team and Team Iteration as lanes, now works correctly;
  • Lookups are now shown in lists when Visual Encoding (color highlighting) is turned on;
  • Live updates now remain stable when Visual Encoding (color highlighting) is turned on;
  • Live updates now support states of checkbox custom fields;
  • Custom activities are now shown in team-specific time spent reports;
  • Unlinking of ExD many-to-many card preserves relations;
  • Editing of a card opened inside another card (e.g. from an inner list) now works correctly;
  • Milestone flags no longer prevent actions with other elements on Roadmaps;
  • Portfolio Epics are now hidden from Projects when Portfolio Epics practice is disabled.
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