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4 years ago

Update: Detailed view customization (Beta). Improvements of Visual Reports, Custom Quick Filters, Process Practices

Administration: Detailed view customization (Beta)

In Targetprocess, Administrators can now customize the detailed view of any entity:

  • Hide project tabs or fields irrelevant to your project;
  • Group native and custom fields together;
  • Create a new section or tab;
  • Hide unnecessary columns from an inner list, and many other great options.

The detailed view customization feature is not yet public, so it's not enabled by default. If you'd like to try it out, please contact our support team via Live Chat or send an email to tp-support@apptio.com to activate the Detailed view customization for your account.

When the feature is enabled, you'll see the new 'Detailed Views' menu option in Targetprocess settings.

All the information on how it works and customization examples can be found in our guide.

We've already implemented plenty of improvements while it's in Beta, but detailed view customization has some unsupported functionalities, which are listed on the Limitations of Entity detailed view customization page.

In this release, we've added an action menu when you right-click for inner customized lists:

User Stories, Features, and Epics tabs have been added to the default detailed view of the Build entity. And the 'Finish' button for the Team Iteration entity now works correctly.

Visual reports: New report type - Metrics

We have added the ability to visualize data as visual indicators, making it easier to track important metrics. You are able to add up to five independent parameters to the metrics report and set a color for each of them. It's also possible to show or hide a title for each metric.

Targetprocess Image

Visual reports: Formatting for dates

We have added the ability to apply custom formatting for dates. Now you're able to choose the format for any date field and set the format for time as well.

Custom quick filters: Any entity types in Type selector; Default mode

Now you can select any entity type existing in the system for custom quick filters:

You can easily check where to apply selected entities in default filter mode: Cards, Vertical lanes or Horizontal lanes. Or switch to 'Advanced' mode and use more complex filters:

Audit: Tag changes tracking

Now you can see who and when added or removed a tag from the entity. All changes can be reviewed in the History tab of the entity detailed view:

Administration: Changes in the settings of Process Practices

You can now switch off Epics or Features practices separately:

Epics practice can't be turned on if Feature practice is turned off.

Switching off the practices means it won't be possible to create work items of the corresponding type. It also won't be possible to create views showing these items as cards. Disabled items might be hidden here and there in the system. However, already existing items and views remain in the system. Views remain unchanged, while items can still be located by known IDs and links.

You can find more information on Process Practices in our guide.

Permissions: Assign people with Direct Access to entities

A person with Direct Access permission is now available for assignment in Assignments lookup of the entity detailed view. You can not only grant direct access to a work item to a user that does not have access to the Project, but you can also assign her or him under a specific role to the card.

Minor improvements

  • Teams selector dropdown in Quick Add form: Add 'Focus' icon to select just one specific team.
  • Filters containing 'None' value is now working for collections (e.g. ?AssignedUser.Where(It is None) will return all the cards having no assigned people).
  • Markdown editor keeps ' symbol in both edit and read modes.
  • Now users won't see a shared board via Team or Project if this Team/Project is not active.
  • Quick add and lookup have been added to the Relations tab for Extendable Domain cards.
  • Optimized performance of context, comet, and some SQL queries.
  • Filter by User Stories, Bugs, Tasks, and suggest "Team Iteration" as a frequently used option instead of "Iteration".
  • Custom quick filters: Preserve custom quick filters when cloning a View.
  • Automatically apply DSL filters for Extendable domain entities.

Bug fixes

  • 'Portfolio Epic' field is no longer editable on the Feature detailed view for a person with 'Can comment' direct access permission.
  • One-by-one view can now be created from a folder.
  • Requesters/Users can now be imported if a Project was chosen during the first step.
  • Relations are now shown on a board with a lot of entities.
  • Test case color formatting is now displayed correctly.
  • Board layout is now displayed correctly while moving cards between vertical lanes.
  • Native and extendable domain entities sizes are the same at different board zoom levels.
  • The header of counters for Extendable Domain cards on list view now looks the same as for native cards.
  • Unable to reset Start Date to blank for entities in states that are 'planned' and 'between initial and planned'.
  • View setup is available even when selected entity type was deleted from the system.
  • Visual Reports: Fixed subtotal calculation for groups placed below Date or Numeric fields.
  • Visual Reports: Fixed subtotal calculations for Groups with applied aggregation.
  • Visual Reports: Fixed 404 error if you create a report from scratch and then delete the first view.
  • Visual Reports: Fixed formatting in Labels.
  • Visual Reports: Fixed column resize for secondary views.
  • Visual Reports: 'Show subtotal' settings for the second group in tables are getting cloned now.
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