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5 years ago

Update: Choose your favorite text editor mode. Weeks added to roadmaps. Custom row headers.

Personal preference for Markdown/WYSIWYG editor mode

Markdown plain-text or rich-formatting WYSIWYG? Everybody can now select their favorite editing mode. No more arguing which is better.

We’ve moved the text editor type selection to Account settings. Now every user can choose their preferred editor type for Descriptions, Comments and Text widgets.

Timelines become Roadmaps

We're working on introducing different scenarios to support roadmapping cases. We’ve changed the name of Timelines to Roadmaps so you can quickly recognize how to create roadmaps in Targetprocess. Don't worry, there are no usage differences between Timelines and Roadmaps.

Group data by week numbers

For those used to planning work by weeks, we've added the week number when Week is selected on Board and Roadmap views.

Week numbers appear on a time strip in the Roadmap view as a grouping option for Days:

Week numbers appear in column headers on Boards when you select Week as column:

Custom Row headers

Boards in Targetprocess are incredibly flexible. It’s possible to select virtually any combination of cards and lanes while customizing the details on cards. We are moving towards even more powerful customization by adding layout settings for swimlane headers.

We’ve already released an early preview of this feature. It currently works with row headers in Boards and Roadmaps. To configure headers, Administrators of Targetprocess can edit script files (mashups) with the configuration details. The settings affect all board viewers.

To test the new feature just install the mashup named “Custom Lane Headers” from our Mashups Library. We plan to add more examples to our user guide on Custom Row headers soon. Don't hesitate to contact our Support Team if you require any help revamping your boards.

Move to Bottom

Moving items to the bottom of ordered lists is now easy. Send cards to the bottom one by one by right-clicking. It’s useful during prioritization meetings: quickly decrease the rank of an item to the lowest position to postpone its review until the next evaluation.

Batch Actions in inner lists

We’ve added the ability to edit selected items in lists in detailed entity views. For example, Product Owners can perform actions in batches on User Stories in a Feature view.

At the moment, batch actions are only available in views with default (in other words, not customized) layouts.

Minor improvements

We’ve made the Sort by preference permanently saved in the Search form.

In order to make Shared Views more secure, we’ve added an optional password protection feature.

The "Active" checkbox has become editable in User profiles. Authorized managers with "Edit User" permissions of the Default Role have got the ability to deactivate or activate user accounts.

Targetprocess Image

Plugins administration page: most recent error messages in plugin profile logs now appear on hover.

We’ve added Japanese to the Interface languages.

Newly created Epics and Features no longer inherit Teams from parent Epics, Portfolio Epics when multiple Teams are involved to them. If you still require automatic inheritance, please use Automation Rules.

Bugs can now be displayed on views grouped by Builds.

Added ability to filter items by URI or Description attributes of URL Custom Fields.

In the Custom Field Constraints mashup, you can replace the default validation prompt, "Please specify the following custom fields", with your own custom one.

Direct Access to Entities: filter cards by Entity Permissions records in DSL filters and Visual Encoding. A list of users who have Direct Access to work items can be added to the list views with a dedicated mashup.

Fixed Bugs

  • Sorting items by Owner Name, User Name
  • Order of newly added Projects
  • Creation and movement of cards on boards with Targetprocess Entity Custom Field lanes
  • "Show more" button on estimation boards with Effort columns
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