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6 years ago

Update: New Color System

New Color System

We’ve released a new Targetprocess color system. It’s the first step to making our own cool and useful design system called Targy [draft name]. A strict system of colors is needed to ensure that all parts of Targetprocess use the same visual language.

It's still a work in progress, so we appreciate any feedback and ask that contact support if you discover any issues.

Notification Rules

We are working on extending Actions, Entity types, and Channels lists. And now we've added Project into available entity types list.

You can now get an updates when:
- A User is added/invited as a Project Member;
- The Project's State changes;
- A Comment or Attachment was added into Projects

Members and/or the Owner of a Project may be selected as a person who will receive updates about Project:

Portfolio Epics Added to CSV Import

In the new release we have updated the CSV import capability with Portfolio Epic support.
Similar to importing Epics and Features you are now able to select the required file filled within the list of Portfolio Epics and add them to your boards or lists easily.

Batch Actions Updated for Epics and Features

As you already know, in Targetprocess it is possible to apply batch actions to a number of selected cards. Now we have made another step up and added the ability to assign a Portfolio Epic to a number of chosen Epics and Features at once. Easy as breathing. No more troubles assigning them to a parent Portfolio Epic one by one,the goal is to save you time.

Targetprocess Image

Portfolio Epic History Tab

We have added a History tab to the Portfolio Epic entity type. Similar to other entities, it is now possible to trace all changes recently made to it by you or other users. You can find it on any Portfolio Epic detailed view page.

List View Widget Improvements

We have also made useful improvements to the List view widget on Dashboards. Now you can select 50 or 100 items to be displayed in your widgets. We also added an items counter to the bottom of the displayed list:

Visual Reports: Charts from Links

In this release we have added ability to create charts from external sources using a linked source. Now you are able to create reports from links right inside Targetprocess. You just need to select 'Chart from link' option and paste the link that leads to CSV or JSON data.

You may also use secured links to create a report, but please note that we don’t recommend entering your query-based credentials to URL. It would be safer to create account for your link. To create new account just click on 'Switch account' and press the 'Add account' button.

Follow this link for more details. You can also find some additional use cases for the link app here.

Visual Reports: Calculations Guide

Another piece of good news is that we have added a guide for our calculations editor. You no longer need to search for the information about calculations in an external sources. Now you can read the description with use cases for every calculation(annotation) right during creation the report.

The guide panel also contains tab with samples. You can use any sample by clicking on it.
To open the sidebar with guide & samples please try the steps below:

'Your calculations' were also moved to the sidebar. To open it just click on 'Your recent calculations' in the calculation editor.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Cross Project Releases do not disappear anymore when the top linked Project is made inactive
  • Role permission for Comments: Edit and Delete checkboxes now are disabled
  • Fixed unexpected closing of lookup screen on Relation tab of entity
  • Misleading notification that email was sent is not shown anymore while editing comment with @mentions
  • Only Teams assigned to the Projects of the current Release now are shown in 'Quick add' popup on Team Iterations tab of Release view
  • Correct count of Sprints/Team Sprints now is shown on Release view
  • Tabular Reports by Epics and Export now have Release field
  • Releases are now filtered out on Batch edit panel for Team Iterations depending on their work items
  • 'Expand All' button from the list view header is revomed
  • Fixed missed Team Iteration when switching between pages on Release view
  • 'Show old' link now works on Batch Edit choice fields
  • While merging two Requests, 'private' comments from the merged ticket now appear as 'private' in the parent ticket
  • Start/End date is now displayed correctly in pop up in headers on TeamIterationsGroup axis
  • Numeric custom fields are now loaded correctly
  • Releases from inactive Projects are now filtered out from the list of available Releases for Team Iterations
  • Fixed integration between TP and Excel via REST API
  • Markdown: @ symbol is now displayed after saving the text
  • Diagnostic report is now opened from a board
  • Assigning Team to a Project doesn't take too much time
  • View is now loaded after log in
  • Custom Field Constraints mashup for checkbox custom field now requires 'true' value while changing state
  • Custom Field Constraints mashup for checkbox custom field now requires 'true' value while changing custom field value
  • Custom Field Constraints mashup for state/custom field is now applied when you move card on view to default final state if there are multiple final states
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