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As our list of customers continues to expand, understanding the evolving needs of our current customers as well as taking into account the needs of new customers has become a more demanding task. To consolidate this information and to ensure our product roadmap is in line with what the Targetprocess community wants, we conducted a few customer surveys throughout 2015. Here we would like to present the major findings and provide an overview of what we plan on doing next.

Here’s what you told us you like about Targetprocess. Most frequently you mentioned:

  1. Natural and out-of-the-box support for the Agile methodology
  2. Flexibility and customizability: it is possible to configure Targetprocess to support any process and to build any custom workflow, no matter how quirky. This frees you up to work with any variations and flavors of Scrum, Kanban, other Agile approaches, traditional project management or your own custom workflows.
  3. Visual approach to project management. Many of you said that you appreciate the ability to access and view any data in any way that you want. Having the power to view data from different angles gives you superior visibility into priorities, tasks and dependencies across teams, projects and your whole company.
  4. The boost in productivity Targetprocess gives in comparison to other established products like Jira Software, IBM Rational, Rally Software, and ThoughtWorks. We believe this is due both to the flexibility and visibility mentioned above.
  5. Customer service and product support: we heard “fantastic”, “instant”, “rapid”, “second to none” so often that we felt obliged to share some tips on how we achieve this.
  6. Slick, straightforward and appealing user interface. One customer even reported that their CEO wants to steal our UX team 😉
  7. QA & issue tracking functionality - you stressed it significantly improves your focus on quality
  8. Tempo of updates and product development

These strong points of Targetprocess are also often reiterated in reviews at third-party websites.

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What you asked us to improve

Thanks to your critical remarks and suggestions, Targetprocess is getting better all the time!

Most frequently we heard the following requests:

  • more flexibility with access rights (ideally you want licenses of different types: standard, read-only, read&comment)
  • easier onboarding for new users
  • improved notification functionality
  • polished search functionality
  • more intuitive Report Builder & Historical Reports
  • improved Help Desk module for your own customers
  • enhancements for mobile apps
  • extended PPM functionality

What we’re doing next

The customer surveys have helped us to prioritize our product roadmap:

Keeping in mind the Agile Manifesto's principle of “responding to change over following a plan”, we would group our next steps into the following categories:

  1. Polishing various existing functionality (please see the improvement requests above)
    We have already assigned two development teams to these activities and one additional team is working on improvements for the mobile apps. As for the sequence of improvements, first, we are going to add the Split Entity action and Batch Actions in order to simplify the management of various entities. Then we are going to remove the remnants of Targetprocess v.2 (which are often the cause of complications in the existing functionality). Afterwards, we will focus on easier permission management to provide licences of different types and to improve access levels.
  2. Extending the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) functionality
    While many customers already use Targetprocess for program management and Agile project portfolio management (PPM, Agile PPM) we are going to add advanced Resource and Capacity Management functionality, including Custom Metrics. In this regard, we are actively looking for customers to validate new ideas as well as for beta testers for our upcoming PPM features. Please email to participate or for more information.

If you missed our surveys or have new requests, please make sure you post new suggestions or vote for the existing ideas at our User Voice portal which is our main source of information for prioritising the work for our development teams.

If you want to learn more about the global trends you can expect from agile management solutions, here is our view on it.

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