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10 months ago

Scope Feasibility Assessment solution

Prioritization within an organization is a highly intricate task. Attempting to accommodate additional work within the current backlog can potentially overwhelm teams and jeopardize the timely completion of existing commitments. Rejecting new work is also not always a straightforward decision.

Therefore, this release introduces a solution that enables the assessment of the backlog and the visualization of which items teams can realistically complete on time, taking into account the priorities of work items, estimated effort, and the available capacity of teams. It also identifies items that simply cannot be accommodated within the current workload. This tool empowers business stakeholders to make informed decisions about whether to accept new work and potentially adjust the priorities of existing items or to decline it, recognizing that it cannot be completed on time and could risk other backlog items.

The assessment works by considering the following details provided for Work Allocations:

  • Portfolio Epic Priority Number
  • Remaining MD (Requested MD-Spent MD) for Work Allocations
  • Planned Start/End Dates for Work Allocations and Today's Date
  • Team Availability in Periods

The Recalculate Fit option on a Portfolio Epic triggers the system to go through the Portfolio Epic's (according to their Priority Number) Work Allocations and Demands, take Work Allocations Remaining MD and attempts to redistribute them across the future Demands based on each remaining Team Availability. 

Comparing the Fitting MD with Remaining MD (Requested MD - Spent MD) values of Work Allocations, the system identifies and segregates the Work Allocations which cannot fit (Fitting MD > Remaining MD), and in turn marks the corresponding Portfolio Epics as Not Fit.

Please check the following video to see the solution in action!

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