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In light of the latest release of SAFe 6.0, we have undertaken a comprehensive effort to enhance our existing solutions while also introducing new solutions, all of which are meticulously designed to seamlessly align with and bolster the updates presented within the SAFe 6.0 framework.

Support SAFe 6.0 Terminology

SAFe 6.0 has introduced a set of standardized terminology aimed at enhancing both simplicity and clarity. In response, we have meticulously revised approximately 20 solutions to seamlessly align with these new terms, ensuring a coherent and harmonized integration.

Business-Enabled ART and Agile Executive Team

There are two new solutions enabling:

Business-Enabled ART is an Agile Release Train that includes the technical and business people needed to ensure the solution is aware of the business in which it operates and that it addresses the relevant concerns for the technology, business, and customer.

The Agile Executive Team is a construct for aligning senior leadership in the form of an Agile Team that exhibits the mindset, values, principles, and practices of agility. The Agile Executive Team construct creates structure and process that helps the organization’s top leaders dedicate sufficient time to critical alignment, impediment removal, and effective management of strategic WIP implemented by the portfolios.

Now in Apptio Targetprocess you can define a new Topology and Type for ARTs and Teams to support SAFe 6.0, as well as connect Users directly to an ART.

Solution, Product and Component Enablement

There are several new solutions enabling Solution, Product and Component hierarchy, as well as supporting Version control.

Presently, you have the convenient capability to systematically arrange your products within a structured framework, facilitating effective management of their versioning processes.

If your organization possesses a more intricate product hierarchy, you can activate the unlimited Product Hierarchy solution to accommodate this depth effectively.

SAFe OKR (Objective & Key Results)

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a collaborative framework for establishing clear goals and measurable outcomes.  When used within SAFeOKRs can help to support the Core Values of transparency and alignment between the Enterprise and Portfolio strategy and the work of the Agile Release Trains and Agile Teams to deliver on this strategy. Additionally, OKRs can be applied to measure organizational improvement activities, including the desired outcomes for the SAFe transformation.

The solution enables Objectives and Key Results for Portfolio and Portfolio Epics by default, while can be extended with additional solutions and enable connections to Value Streams, Solution Trains, Agile Release Trains, Teams and Products, so that you can define Objectives or Business Outcomes for each of them.

So now after the installing the solution you can create Objectives and define Key Results for them on any of the mentioned items view:

You can also organise Objectives into the hierarchy:

Lean Business Case (LBC) 

In the updated version of Lean Business Case solution, you can see the released Objectives representing Business Outcomes of a Portfolio Epic.

Value Stream KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Value Stream Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the quantifiable measures used to evaluate how a Value Stream performs against its business objectives.

There are two new solutions which enable KPIs (Indicators) and a connection of KPIs to Value Streams:

By monitoring KPIs within the Value Stream, organizations can identify areas for improvement, make data-driven decisions, and align actions with strategic objectives to deliver value to customers effectively and efficiently.

There is one more solution, which allows to link Key Results to KPIs (Indicators) and automatically calculate Key Result Progress based on KPI Measurements.

SAFe Scrum and SAFe Team Kanban

We reworked the following solutions to support the adjusted Team Scrum and Kanban flows.

The adjusted solutions have connections to Agile Release Trains (ARTs) and Periods.

Measure and Grow (SAFe Core Competency Assessments)

Measure and Grow is an approach SAFe enterprises use to evaluate progress towards Business Agility and determine improvement actions.

A new set of solutions enables a set of reports to measure the performance of a SAFe Team, SAFe ART, SAFe Solution Train and SAFe Portfolio:

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