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10 months ago

Release 2309.2: Platform Enhancements and Bugfixes

Platform Enhancements

Detailed Views:

  • We have added breadcrumbs to improve the navigation at the detailed view of Requester entity.
  • It is now possible to specify whether date properties are displayed as resettable using Detailed View customization.
  • We have improved performance of live updates on hierarchical lists including the lists inside entity views.


  • All custom fields are hidden by default to allow users to avoid naming collisions during the report creation.
  • We have introduced an option to choose interpolation type from the drop-down on History Reports.

Other Areas:

  • We have implemented more reliable JavaScript retries in Automation Rules so that data will not be lost.
  • We have provided a possibility to update Azure DevOps Personal Access Token (PAT) in the integration profile via API.
  • We have made extendable domain reference units sample data on the Views setup screen more user-friendly.
  • We have added IsIntegration in DSL filters for the User entity.

The following issues have been fixed:

Jira and Azure DevOps Integrations:

  • Corrected an issue where simultaneous push of comments and attachments did not work in certain cases in the Data Sync Report. (#668706)
  • Fixed an issue resulting in an unexpected restart of Work Sharing service in certain cases. (#695581)
  • Fixed the issue where a selected Jira sprint automatically resets after a few seconds, when trying to link a Targetprocess sprint. (#426362)
  • Resolved an issue where it was not possible to share entities via ADO integration if mappings included removed Azure DevOps project. (#702565)
  • Added a warning for exceeded character limits for the issue where Conflicts reports in CSV formats break the formatting. (#711467)
  • Fixed the issue with Sync Report where the applied Filter for a big amount of data would reset while loading in the report. (#662858)
  • Fixed a loop during processing sprints in Jira Integration.(#721623)
  • Fixed another issue with Sync Report where a new space or line if inserted, is treated as a sync conflict. (#701792)


  • Fixed an issue with Reports where Total and Subtotal count did not work in some cases. (#645571)
  • Resolved an issue related to unauthorized error for the particular users of Reports. (#695099)
  • Fixed the issue where incorrect source data was displayed if filters are applied to the report. (#687923)
  • Resolved a failing report creation issue for certain entities. (#699791)

Views, Detailed Views and Filtering:

  • Resolved an error where Quick Filter was not working on cloned dashboards. (#697084)
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly handled certain component properties in the Detailed Views. (#340689)
  • Resolved an issue where custom fields of the URL type were editable even if they were restricted. (#437452)
  • Resolved an issue with not ‘editable’ configuration for property.project in Detailed views. (#345928)
  • Corrected an issue where changes were not reverted via keyboard shotrcut in the Detailed View Editor. (#697260)
  • Fixed the issue with Detailed Views where the auto generated counter for inner lists with the entity "User" did not work. (#650357)
  • Corrected an issue with thumbnails not loading for attachments. (#709938)
  • Fixed an issue with Quick Filter failing when there was a special symbol in the term and Advanced Filter was enabled. (#693901)
  • Fixed a broken List view issue for certain setups when Business Value is not displayed. (#675901)
  • Fixed a bug where time entries were duplicating on Timesheets when added using the Tab button. (#113523)
  • Corrected a bug when team icons were not displayed in the assignments section for certain setups. (#242203)

Core Functionalities and Other Areas:

  • Fixed a bug where user references for user entity could not be retrieved through API V1. (#688882)
  • Fixed an issue where Metrics could not insert null value into numeric custom fields. (#698541)
  • Fixed a bug to improve performance of creating and updating project membership. (#699222)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some incoming emails from being processed. (#714638)
  • Fixed a bug where Targetprocess failed to load if account URL contained query parameters. (#697516)
  • Fixed an issue where use of NULL in a metric formula resulted in incorrect result for extendable fields. (#704002)
  • Resolved an error where some users could not log in through SSO to Service Desk. (#710595)
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to query custom fields of the Previous History record in API. (#687385)
  • Fixed a bug when Epic/Feature was not added with empty Initial Estimate fields in Quick Add. (#706487)
  • Fixed a bug relating to the behavior of the required Custom Field on the Quick Add form. (#693264)
  • Fixed an issue in the Quick Add form when Description field was false-positively required from the user during Time records creation. (#695624)
  • Fixed an issue where the natural order of the items in Quick Add may be broken in some cases.(#700945)
  • Fixed the issue for the Description field on Time not getting saved if practice in Time Tracking was disabled.(#703848)
  • Fixed an issue where automation rules were not triggered when using filters in some cases. (#717647)

CSV Import and Export v.2.0:

  • Resolved an issue with incorrect CSV Export file extension. (#697950)
  • Fixed a dataset renaming problem that resulted in failing exports to Automated Data Management after exporting data. (#713517)
  • Fixed the issue where logs for latest events in CSV Import and Export profiles do not get displayed in some cases. (#720981)
  • Corrected an issue that caused CSV Import to fail for files with large descriptions in some cases. (#695431)
  • Fixed a bug where CSV Import failed due to certain unparseable values in the input file. (#703965)
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