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Headcount Planning

We are delighted to introduce a new range of solutions that enable demand and budgeting planning through the Headcount approach. These solutions provide the ability to determine the total required Headcount for a Portfolio Epic and estimate the potential Forecasted Cost associated with it. The Solution Library offers the following options for you to explore.

Headcount Enablement

The solution offers the capability to determine the necessary Headcount of Job Profiles and Locations for executing planned work on Portfolio Epics in the upcoming Year, Quarter, Month, a custom duration (based on Planned Start/End Dates), or the duration of the Portfolio Epic. This feature assists in comprehending the resource requirements and assessing whether the company has an adequate workforce to meet the projected demand.

On the Portfolio Epic view, you can specify the required Headcount for each Job Profile and Location during the planning period. This allows you to determine how many individuals (Count) with specific Job Profiles are needed and where they should be Located to work on the Portfolio Epic.

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Headcount Connection to...

The default setting allows you to determine the number of people required for a Portfolio Epic during the planning Period. However, if you require a more precise allocation of individuals from a particular Product, Value Stream, Solution Train, Agile Release Train, or Team, you have the option to enable one or multiple extensions to this solution.

Headcount Forecasted Cost

By implementing this solution, you will have the ability to estimate the Forecasted Cost associated with the Headcount.

Headcount Forecasted Cost is determined by the Blended Rate (Job Profile / Location combinationand the Count of people needed for the Period defined and calculated based on the following formula:

Forecasted Cost = Count * Blended Rate * Working Hours * Working Days

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Proposed Budget based on Headcount

Once the calculation for Headcount Forecasted Cost is complete, we can incorporate this data into the Proposed Budget for a Portfolio Epic. This solution enables the calculation of the Portfolio Epic Proposed Budget by taking into account the Headcounts, which represent the necessary budget to cover labor expenses. By connecting the Headcounts to the Annual Budgets of the Portfolio Epic, the solution provides visibility into the Annual Proposed Budget, considering all the Headcounts that have been generated. Additionally, the solution distributes the Forecasted Costs between the Run/Grow and CapEx/OpEx categories according to the inputted values.

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Reset Proposed Labor Budget Values

An additional administrative solution is available that enables the resetting of the Proposed Budget fields when transitioning from one Proposed Budget solution to another. For instance, if you were previously utilizing the Proposed Budget based on Work Allocations solution and now wish to explore the Proposed Budget based on Headcount solution, you would need to employ this intermediary solution. By doing so, the values will be reset, providing you with accurate information. For further information, please refer to the solution description.

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