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We're happy to introduce a new version of the Budgeting solution in Apptio Targetprocess!

A new version of the Budgeting solution supports funding not only Portfolio Epics (Projects) but also People (Value Streams, Solution Trains and Agile Release Trains) and Products, as well as being able to fund any of them and tracking Proposed Budget and Actuals for the other of them. 

There are the following phases of a budgeting process, which are covered by Budgeting solution in Apptio Targetprocess:

  • Budget Target - describes the company's initial idea of distributing funds across Portfolios and defining guardrails (Run vs Grow, CapEx vs OpEx).
  • Budget Proposal - describes budgets proposed by Project Managers, Product Managers or Portfolio Epic Owners based on the funds needed to implement Portfolio Epics, Products or work planned for Value Streams, Solution Trains or Agile Release Trains.
  • Budget Approval - comparing the numbers in a Budget Target and Budget Proposal reflects the final decision on the investment into each Portfolio.
  • Actuals - shares information about labor and non-labor expenses related to a Portfolio and Portfolio Epics, Value Streams, Solution Trains, Agile Release Trains, Teams or Products.

The solution enables the structure of Budgets, which allows funding Work, People or Products and seeing Proposed Budgets and Actuals for any of them.

It allows setting Portfolio Budget Targets and further Portfolio Epics, Value Streams, Solution Trains, Agile Release Trains or Products Budget Targets:


Distribute Portfolio Budget across Portfolio Epic (Project), Value Stream, Solution Train, Agile Release Train or Product Target Budgets to make the right investment:

Define Proposed Budget based on Work Allocations or needed Headcount:

Targetprocess Image

Approve the Budget based on the defined guardrails:

Track Actual Labor and Non-Labor Costs:

Targetprocess Image

You can find the details of the solution in the Budgeting 3.0 article and contact your account manager if you'd like to enable the solution on your account.

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